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Casa Ceres

A Peaceful Retreat ... On the Edge of Discovery

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Licence No. 9003/AL

The Casa Ceres Map of Central Portugal!

Often in Portugal, it's difficult to find information about places to visit other than main tourist attractions -  yet there is so much more to be discovered. To help our guests to get the most out of their stay, we prepared this map. It includes many off-beat places that it would be almost impossible for visitors to find un-aided. It has a number of layers so you can choose from Monuments & Architecture, Attractions, lovely River Beaches & Nature places, recommended Places to Eat, and even find the nearest services like pharmacies or supermarkets.

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Where possible, we have included links to websites, facebook pages and tripadvisor for up to date reviews & other information. It is a  good idea to check the links, especially for opening times as they can be unexpected. We hope it helps you find the information you need.